"My body lets me know when it's time to get a massage, about every six weeks.  I feel so much better after your wonderful hands have helped me.  The facial/microcurrent treatments are wonderful too.  after my last appointment a friend asked me if i had a facelift."

                                                            Dot B., client for 15 years.

"Liz's massages are the best.  My muscles feel better.  I am so relaxed.  Also, Liz gives one of the best foot massages I ever had.  I love the facials also."

                                                             Virginia C., client for 8 years.

"I have had professional massages for over thirty years and can honestly say Liz is the best.  I have paid two to three times as much in elegant hotels across the world and none have come close to what Liz does."

                                                             Anna P., client for 6 years.

"Liz's massages are the best and I have been to massage school.  She cares about her clients and their health.  She is especially good with feet, and her facials are great too.  Head to toe, she makes everything better."

                                                              Joyce P., client for 22 years.

"My mom and I have been getting massages from Liz for years, and when she went to aesthetics school we started getting facials too.  Our skin feels wonderful, soft, and hydrated afterwards."

                                                               Dorothy R., client for 17 years.

"I started seeing Liz for pain in my shoulder and neck, and she helped me.  I always look forward to my massages because I feel like a new person after each session, totally relaxed and renewed in mind and spirit.  Recently my husband had back pain, so I sent him to Liz and now he feels better.  My face feels lighter than air after a facial and microcurrent treatment."

                                                               Alex D., client for 2 years.

"I always feel so much bettter after a massage from Liz.  She really helps me.  I have no interest in getting a facial, even though she offered me a freebie!"

                                                                George R., client for 27 years.