Groupon Deals

For those purchasing deals from Groupon, please keep in mind that I work alone, so there are no couples massage. 

I can't answer the phone and work at the same time.  Sometimes I get behind on returning calls.  There is no receptionist.  Thankfully, only a very small number of people become enraged because their call is not answered nor a return call made within an hour.  If that sort of immediacy is required, buy a voucher from a business with a staff and receptionist.  Or go to one of the chain massage centers.   

I only receive voice mail, not text messages, which is clearly stated on my outgoing message.

I don't have online scheduling, so if any offer to schedule online is shown on a site that I have no control over, please don't make an appointment. 

I will not accept vouchers from other massage businesses.

I don't enforce expiration dates on vouchers. 

Cash or checks only.

Thank you.